We are community builders.

Action! by Design helps organizations cultivate meaningful connections by letting their community lead the design and implementation of projects that benefit them.

Our citizen-centered design company was founded by Joshua Croke; a community activist, queer advocate, and experience designer who has worked at the intersection of design, technology, and society to brainstorm and implement projects that make an impact in the lives of people. (Read more about Josh in Worcester Business Journal’s 40 Under 40)

Citizen-centered design in action.


We are a team of creative strategists who help you realize ideas, develop impactful concepts, and align your goals to the needs and motivations of your customers.


We support design across program development, event experiences, branding & identity, and visual design to create impactful content that resonates with your customers.


We give ideas a shadow. Great ideas are a dime a dozen, some manifest into developed concepts, few become a reality. Our team knows the delicate balance of creative thinking and attainable delivery.

We help you brainstorm powerful ideas, create impactful content, and deliver unforgettable experiences.


Let us help you create valuable experiences for your customers.



Community engagement, youth education and access, and character development programs are some of the concepts we’ve delivered for our clients and partners.

We design for impact.


Consumer apps, industrial software, and tactile experiences need thoughtful design and well-executed delivery to be successful.

We design for function.


A city district brand, an international mural festival, and a queer fashion show challenging social norms are some ways our team has helped deliver experiences that excite and inspire.

We design for good.

What is citizen-centered experience design?

The products we use, the sites we visit, the places we go, and the brands we love all give us an experience we remember. We are also residents of our neighborhoods, part of communities, and citizens of our planet Earth. Citizen-centered design is our approach to creating experiences people remember and want to experience again that also consider the impact products, programs, and places have on others and our world.

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Hear stories about the human experience.

We’re passionate about how design and technology impact society and the experiences people have that shape who they are. So, we created Experience This Podcast.

From outer space to public space, from social media to societal labels, we share stories about the human experience, and how design and technology impact society.

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