Community Building & Smart City Internship (for Credit)

Special Project Internship: Community Building & Smart City Platform Project

Worcester, MA

The ideal candidate(s) will have a strong interest in community development and the role design and technology play in the stabilization and growth of cities. Our project envisions a world that is inclusive, equitable, sustainable, and prosperous for everyone — seeking to address the negative impacts of gentrification in cities such as displacement and working to elevate resident-powered change activities, this interdisciplinary project works across design, technology, and community building.

The role of this internship will be multifaceted. Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Research & Assessment; evaluating existing projects/products that share similarities to components of our project, researching software tools that could impact or benefit the project, researching possible funding opportunities to move the project forward (essentially, lots of Googling).

  2. Project & Stakeholder Management; maintaining timelines for project activities, coordinating stakeholder calendars and scheduling meetings, and

  3. Maintain & Update Project Requirements Scope; a significant part of this project involves the creation of an online software tool that is under development. This role will be responsible for keeping a central Project Requirement Document up to date following stakeholder meetings and feedback and review sessions.

Candidates must be:

  • Extremely organized, have some experience with project management, and have the ability to apply systems thinking to parse complex sets of information into easy-to-navigate sections

  • A great communicator with the ability to interpret the needs of multiple stakeholders and keep a warm and welcoming temperament to balance all personalities of the various individuals involved with the project

  • Familiar with Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.)

  • Able to work autonomously as a self-starter; you are given broad project goals and are able to determine tasks/steps to complete it

The “some of these would be great” section (but not required):

  • Experience working in community development

  • Experience with data analysis/visualization software (like Tableau)

  • Experience with UX and/or UI design for software products

This project is being created and managed by Action! By Design.


This is a for-credit internship opportunity at 12-20 hours per week (based on academic requirement).

Interested applicants are invited to send a cover letter and resume to Remi Sage at

Action! by Design does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender/gender identification, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. We celebrate the intersectional identities that make people unique and connect us.