We’re Starting a Podcast! Why, you ask?

Creating experiences for people is our mission.

Action! By Design launched in 2018 as a citizen-centered experience design company with a focus on creating impactful experiences and building projects that have impact for our clients and the people they serve. As a consultancy working at the intersection of design, technology, and society, we asked ourselves; how do we share the story of who we are and communicate the importance of experience design?

We’re starting Experience This Podcast to show that, as a company, we’re committed to learning about people’s experiences, hearing their stories in their own voices, and working alongside people who the products, programs, and places we’re creating are built for. To put it simply, we love learning about the different experiences individuals have and how those experiences shape who we are.

Tapping into human experiences is our passion.

We’re all a product of our experiences.  We enjoy them, learn from them, and make decisions based on the experiences we have. This podcast explores individual journeys — scientists, entertainers, influencers, small-business owners, and others living different stories.

From outer space to public space, from social media to societal labels, Experience This Podcast shares stories about the human experience and how design and technology impact society. @XPThisPod dives into perspectives in hopes of making you, the listener, introspective.

Designing a brighter tomorrow is our purpose.

Our team at Action! by Design is always curious to learn new things and passionate about how the places we go, the products we use, and the interactions we have impact individuals, their communities, and society as a whole. We’re dedicated to including people in our design process and hope that by sharing these stories with you, we can open a dialogue about how to build a brighter tomorrow.

A little more about Action!

Action! By Design works with companies and organizations looking to elevate their customer, community and global impact. Experience This Podcast is an extension of our company’s mission and connects us to incredible people in communities all over the country to talk about their experiences, and we’re thrilled to share them with you. Creating and producing this podcast has allowed us to create a connection between the discussions we have on the show and the work we do with our clients.

Let’s connect

Follow the show on Instagram @XPThisPod. We’re on Twitter @ActionDesignCo.

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