Curious About the Meaning Behind Our Show Art?

While making Experience This Podcast, it was important to us to work with an illustrator who could interpret our episode topics into capturing visual art. Episodes will each have a unique art piece that reflects the topics of each to bring strong imagery to the audio stories we share.

Meet our show’s illustrator: SAMji

With the internet and social media, it’s become so easy to connect to people all over the world. It mirrored the mission of our show to build a relationship with an artist and allow their experiences and skills to shape the visual side of @XPThisPod. When looking for an artist, we turned to Instagram. Hashtags are an incredible way for artists to show off their work and can even attract people willing to buy or commission art (like us!).

When we saw SAMji’s Instagram page and illustrations, which mostly depict people doing different activities, we knew he’d be a great artist for our show about the human experience.

After talking SAMji through the show concept for Experience This Podcast, and showing him the first season trailer, he came back to us with a concept that ended up becoming our official show artwork.

Samji’s First Sketch

Samji’s First Sketch

SAMji’s explanation: “When we place all the colored lights together, the result will be white light. Provided this law, here each color of light represents each experience or experiences in different fields. The white light in the character's eyes represents the sum of these experiences as synonymous with illumination or wisdom.”

We loved the idea of overlapping lights representing how our experiences influence who we are and how all of these inputs illuminate how we see the world.

Round two edits

Round two edits

After a few rounds of edits (including decisions on how blurred the lines should be, how bright the background should be, and facial details) we debuted our final show artwork:


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Mariel Cariker