Placed-Based, Human-Centered Design Consultancy Launches to Create Impactful Spaces

City Design Project uses a place-based, human-centered design strategy to solve community challenges, catalyze economic development, and activate spaces and the people who use them. The consulting studio will provide urban innovation, creative placemaking, and experience-driven brand consulting for municipalities, neighborhood groups, developers, nonprofit and community organizations, institutions, and companies.

“We are looking to help cities and organizations identify challenge areas in their community growth and then develop creative solutions alongside residents and stakeholders. Placemaking, walkable neighborhoods, storefront activation, and discussing opportunities for smart city technology as a mechanism to help facilitate positive and inclusive change are just some of the areas we’re passionate about” - Joshua Croke, Cofounder of City Design Project

City Design Project founders, Joshua Croke and Kyla Pacheco, previously founded Action! Worcester, a community development nonprofit in Worcester, MA using human-centered design to develop creative solutions that tackle challenges in urban design, placemaking, and community growth. Croke has an interdisciplinary background in user experience (UX) design, branding, and technology having worked with clients like LINK AKC and the American Kennel Club, eCornell; Cornell University’s online learning platform, and the American Institutes for Research and was recognized as one of the Boston Spirit’s 30 Under 30 Young Trailblazers in 2017. Pacheco was recognized as “Top Entrepreneur” at the 2016 EforAll Summit and has an extensive background in program development, event coordination, and project management. The duo were the primary operators for international mural festival POW! WOW! Worcester 2016, which brought artists from across the globe to Worcester, MA for a 10-day arts festival that resulted in 15 large scale murals going up in the city’s downtown.

“It’s projects like POW! WOW! that inspired Josh and I to start City Design Project. That project was a direct response to community conversations surrounding a set of local challenges. Residents and stakeholders identified a negative perception of the city, public safety and walkability, and a lack of interesting things to do as the top challenges facing Worcester via our think tank-style charrette we run each year. The mural project was strategic in addressing all of these challenges at once. That is what our place-based design approach produces - an identified challenge and a creative solution.” - Kyla Pacheco, Cofounder of City Design Project

City Design Project is based in Worcester, Massachusetts, but is excited to be working with national clientele. For project inquiries visit or email
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